Christina Comodex

Christina Comodex

Control it Now!

Comodex is a comprehensive treatment that prevents and repairs acne, acne damage, oily and combination skin. Through a powerful combination of highly effective active ingredients, Comodex treats acne conditions at the source with a holistic approach. From the best of science and nature, Comodex salon and home treatments cleanse, calm, and rejuvenate skin for stunning results!

A Holistic Approach to Healthier Looking Skin

Acne and acne damage are caused by various internal and external factors that initiate a harmful cycle of blockage, contaminations and inflammation that unbalances and ultimately damages skin. Comodex treatments heal the primary causes of acne by exfoliating the outer skin layer, destroying infection, and regulating sebum production. Comodex's innovative ingredients and techniques go beyond typical treatments to bring skin to its healthiest state.

The Comodex treatment immediately removes excess sebum, softens pore congestion, and reduces redness and irritation for clearer, healthier looking skin.

Key Active Ingredients

Tomato Extract
A powerful antioxidant that promotes healing by inhibiting micro-organism growth and stimulating microcirculation

Grape seed oil and Green tea extract
A powerful blend of ingredients that prevents sebum oxidation and the release of fatty acids

T.S.R. (Transcutal with Retinol and Salicylic Acid)
A deep penetrating compound that regulates sebum excretion to prevent follicle congestion

R.P.F. (Radical Protective Factor),
Natural Antioxidants that support the skin's immune system, preventing formation of comedones.

P.C.S. (Pigmentation Control System)
Powerful lighteners that eliminate hyperpigmentation and suppress melanin hyperactivity

Cinnamon extract
An antibacterial agent that disinfects skin and reduces sebum formation while calming and soothing any irritation, leaving skin relaxed and refreshed.

Witch Hazel extract
Shrinks pores and removes excess oils

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