The principle behind the Phytomide line of products is the treatment of mature skin that shows dryness, cracked skin and sagginess by "blocking" the loss of moisture and increasing it as well. The formulations contain a high concentration of Phytelene Complex and of natural Olive Oil both effective in delaying premature aging of the skin and stimulating the renewal of the collagen and elastin fibers in order to achieve flexibility and softness. Additional natural ingredients help in regulating and maintaining the moisture and nutrition well balanced especially in dry skin.

Active Ingredients: Ceramides, Phytelene Complex; Olive, Borage Seed and Sweet Almond oils; Citric Acid, Wheat Germ and additional plant extracts.

Phytomide products will show:

Foaming Gel Cleanser a very delicate cleanser that softens the skin without drying or irritating and can be used in the eye area.

Face Lotion enriched with plant extracts leaves the skin highly refreshed.

Plant Extract Capsules contain concentrated extracts and vitamins, to further boost the effect of diminishing wrinkles and aging signs while safeguarding a high moisture level in the epidermis to leave skin feeling smooth, velvety and pleasant to the touch.

Rich Moisturizing Cream strengthens the skin's protective tissue and further enriches the skin's natural moisture.

Intensive Cream is a rich, easily absorbed, nourishing formulation to restore the skin's vitality.

Eye Contour Mask fights the appearance of expression lines and creases and it also diminishes swelling and sagginess reducing sensitivity in the eye area.

Nourishing Mask rejuvenates the skin and restores the skin tissue to a younger and improved self.

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